Smart Factory
Smart Factory Quality Management

Continue to improve capacity and quality, forging the strongest intelligent productivity in the cosmetics industry

Intelligent production: 

1. Full operation management system;

2. Raw material weighing system;

3. Process inspection system;

4. Intelligent logistics distribution system;

5. Advanced on-site management system.

Customized special line production

Provide management of customized project line. We will set up a special project for the client, and have a dedicated service team and production line responsible for all processes from product design to production and delivery. The dedicated technical team will be equipped with flexible according to the new equipment / new technologies required in the production process for scientific research. With client demand for mold development, customized equipment - lean mass production, to ensure high efficiency, fast response, high matching and quality to meet the client's capacity requirements.

  • Concept Analysis
  • Product/Exterior Design
  • Product Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customized Mold
  • Customized Production Line
  • Trial Production
  • Quantitative Production