Social responsibility
We are committed to providing sustainable options to our global brand partners

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of the consumer consciousness and SHEENCOLOR is dedicated to providing sustainable options to meet the consumer demand.  As an industry we have a responsibility to develop products that are sourced, produced and packaged ethically and sustainably. SHEENCOLOR is working to make a positive impact on the planet by focusing on innovation in formulation, ethically sourced ingredients and recyclable/biodegradable packaging materials.

  • FORMULATIONSafe and Sustainable

    Green and effective cosmetics products are our main research and development direction. We have set up a special development technology group to solve the problems that our future clients and consumers are very concerned about, and to achieve sustainable, competitive and responsible formula development.

  • INGREDIENTTraceable and Contamination-free

    Our mission is to future proof by utilizing strategic relationships with global ingredient suppliers to provide state of the art renewable resources and technologies for application in formula development.

  • PACKAGINGRecyclable and Degradable

    Our team has been working tirelessly in the field of environment-friendly packaging materials, specializing in the application and development of PLA/PCR/sugar-cane materials, and designing recyclable and patented environment-friendly paper palette.

We are dedicated to creating a more inclusive society

To improve inclusiveness and equity across society, we lead by example as corporate citizens to address social inequality and disadvantage, break down barriers and create opportunities for vulnerable groups in our workplace, supply chain, and among our interests, and we insist on using our power to improve the well-being of people and enhance social inclusion and equity.