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R&D Center

We have pooled global research capabilities, established research and production centers around the world, and have a professional color cosmetics research team composed of high-tech talents in various fields.

Our professional background systematically covers pharmaceutical formulations, pharmaceutical analysis, polymer chemistry, biology, fine chemistry, applied chemistry and many other areas. We have also invested heavily in research, setting up research center containing powders, creams, emulsions and aqueous, forming a scientific, rigorous and unique research and development model for our clients, laying a quality foundation for innovative research and development ahead of the industry.

Global Interactive R&D Network

SHEENCOLOR has built an exclusive global interactive R&D system: from the introduction of new raw materials, raw material management, formula innovation, formula management and functional test are all managed systematically, to achieve one-click sharing in exchange online. Up to now, more than 1 Million formulations have been built, and truly realized global formula co-research online.

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Global R&D Perspective

The SHEENCOLOR R&D Center integrates research resources across regions and borders, enabling R&D personnel from around the world to quickly perceive and comprehend cutting-edge research results and new trends in their fields. In addition, cooperation with internationally renowned raw material suppliers, testing institutes, and biotechnology companies enables the SHEENCOLOR R&D Center to maintain a global vision of research and development, and to promote the development of new products.

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